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The base URL for all queries is

You MUST send all queries via https (secure socket layer). If any queries hit the server via non-ssl, they will be rejected.

Get a Single Entity

You can get a particular entity by sending a GET query.

The endpoint is


The parameters are


So you literally quote the entity name.

If there are spaces in the name, be sure to encode the URL or format the URL structure accordingly, replacing spaces with %20.

You can only query one entity by name per request. If you want to query multiple, you should do it by group.

Get Random Entities from a Group

You can get a random bunch of entities from a Group or send ALL the data for you, using a GET query.

The endpoint is


The parameters are


When you use the send query variable, you can send a number of entities to bring back. The API system will select entities at random from the group and send all back.

To GET all entities in a group just query with


To GET a random amount of entities in a group just query with


with x being an integer (number).

Get Tickets

The endpoint is


You only have to send your API Key with this request.

Get Random Number

You can get a random number using this endpoint. You can also specify optional min and max values if you need to set a range.

The endpoint is


The optional parameters are


Expression Evaluator

You can send a mathematical expression to be evaluated. Characters like + and % are not supported, so you must encode your URL before you send it. See more here.

The endpoint is


The parameters are


Code Examples

To see some code examples in popular languages like C++, C#, Java and more click here.