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Our API system works with a ‘ticket system’. The same as a ‘token system’ except we use the term ‘tickets’. You have an allocated amount of tickets inside your bucket to use hourly (dependent on your plan).

What is the Ticket Bucket system?

Your account has an allocated amount of ‘tickets’ in the bucket. Every time you or your app makes an API request, a ticket is removed from the bucket. When all of your tickets are used up, you will not be able to use any more until the bucket is refilled, which is every hour.

The free account contains an ample amount of tickets to get you going. If you need more API requests, you can upgrade your account at any time for more tickets per hour.

Ticket Counts

You can pull your ticket count with a GET request so you can see how many tickets are available before you make the request.

GET tickcnt?api_key=<api_key>

Warning: Polling for Ticket Counts will also subtract a ticket from your bucket.

See the error response codes list for errors.

You can also access your current ticket bucket information via the Dashboard > API Key page.