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Entities contain Attributes. You can define an Attribute either as a Numerical value or a String Value.

Values should be separated by a pipe |. Read more below.

Creating a New Attribute

To create a new Attribute for the chosen Entity, simply click the ‘Add Attribute’ button.

When you do this, a popup will appear asking you to fill out the details of the attribute.

You can define a single option or a range of options.

To provide a range of options, simply separate the values with the PIPE character |

Once done, click ‘Save Attribute’.

Editing an Attribute

To edit an attribute, simply click the ‘Edit’ button next to the Entity name in the table.

A popup will appear allowing you to change all the details.

Deleting an Attribute

To Delete an attribute simply click the Delete button next to the Entity name in the table.

Warning: This cannot be undone. If you delete an attribute, it will be permanently deleted from the system.